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  • cable label printer and wire labeling machine WPM-6130

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  • cable label printer and wire labeling machine WPM-6130

    Basic functions:

    Applicable for folding labels on all kinds of wires and cables, such as power lines, computer peripheral cables, electronic sensor cables, headphone cables, power lines, fiber-optical lines, cable lines, piple cables, USB cables, cables of fax / printers, etc.

    Applicable for wide range products size, easy to adjust and replace different products.

    Operation process:

    Core principle: the sensor detects the product passing by, return signal to the labeling control system, signal processed via PLC processing, delivering the label to the preset product position at appropriate time, when the product flows through the covering mechanism, labels will be covered solid , labeling action is completed.


    * Wide range of applications, suitable for different specification product;

    * Convenient using, wide range adjustment, labeling on different specification products.

    * High stability, advanced electronic control system consisting of Panasonic PLC + Germany label electric eye, support equipment 7 × 24-hour operation;

    Range of application:

    Applicable Label: self-adhesive label/film, electronic monitoring code, barcode and so on.

    Application: wire and cable, large width, multi- specifications, high precision folding label products.

    Applicable Industry: Widely used in electronics, wire, cable and other industries.

    Application: wires labeling, computer peripheral labeling, USB cable, etc.

    Folding device can be adjusted, non-product range can be customized according to customer


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