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  • the core cable ties/iron tie/PE tie line/PE ligation wire/PE tie

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  • the core cable ties,iron tie,PE tie line,PE ligation wire,PE tie

    PE cable tie wire 0,45X1.8 mm 1000m/Roll

    Summary: binding wire with a core/no core two, have a single/double/oval/round shape/double core, including single/double also called flat cable tie, the skin is PE/PVC, inside is galvanized iron core (can be customized according to customer's requirement, the conventional use is 0.4 ~ 0.5 mm).No core cable tie the PET production, due to complex production process, the price is relatively high with core, but also food grade environmental protection, so many used for food bag packaging.
    Environment: PE/PET food level is plastic, metal/halogen free/REACH etc all can pass, can fully meet the eu export standards.PVC can now do heavy metal regular/fax environmental protection, but still not up to standard halogen free ways.
    Role: as the package of binding wire with relative to other auxiliary material more practical benefits, so widely used, such as electronic line industry has all the power cord/cable/cables/cable, such as ordinary household binding application, landscape gardening binding, etc., can use the packing belt.
    Alias: binding wire band called - plastic bags (cable/tie/Mr.)/wire, plastic coated wire (cable/tie/firm/wire), plastic (cable/wire tie/firm/wire), bind (bundle), mini belt, belt, grapes, garden/gardening cable tie, etc.

    Bad product performance: broken skin, break, break, wire.




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