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  • 8-Word Single Tie Safety Protection Automatic Winding And Tie Machine WPM-RT-81M

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  • 8-word single tie safety protection automatic winding and tie machine WPM-RT-81m
    Technical parameters:
    The appearance of winding Cable The distance between winding cables is 80-160mm
    Suitable wire diameter 3-6mm. Suitable length 1-10m
    The head length is 0-400mm and the tail length is 100-280mm
    Binding iron cores with a diameter ≤40mm using cable ties
    Machine efficiency ≤1000PCS/H bearing capacity of cable ties ≤7.5KG
    Machine size about 1200W*850D*1600Hmm Machine power 2.5KW
    Machine weight: about 230KG
    Main components:
    Cylinder: Yadeke cylinder and solenoid valve,
    Winding motor: servo motor 1000W Turbot
    Line taking translation motor: servo motor 750W Turbot
    Tie belt conveying motor: step motor thunder race
    Twisting tie belt motor: step motor thunder race
    Take line translation: double slider
    PLC: Fengwei Screen: Maintenance control
    Frame: iron frame power supply: bright weft
    Grating: Pubang Manual start: dual start
     safety protection type, loop the middle figure 8 and tie a tie;
     applies USB/DC/AC line, which allows the head and tail to be retained, and the head and tail to be retained.
     winding motor uses 1000W servo, powerful and more stable.
     takes line translation motor 750W servo, eliminates step loss of stepping motor, and the translation is more stable.
     tie belt provides a load capacity of 7.5kg, which reduces the frequency of changing the tie belt and improves working efficiency.
     spit tie belt structure adds a single button, convenient installation and debugging;
     The rubber band's lowers claw structure is optimized to make the rubber band more resistant to wear and convenient for installation and commissioning.
     twisted wire claw, takeout wire claw, and lower claw are connected with stainless steel, which is more stable and beautiful.
     production efficiency can reach 1500 bars/hour, saving labor;
     simple and easy to operate, debug, and maintain;
     small volume saves space to rent;
     humanized design to reduce employee fatigue intensity;
     programmable controller (PLC) control, English and Chinese double man-machine interface control;

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