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  • 8-Word Single Tie Type Automatic Winding Tie Machine WPM-URT-81M

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  • The online version of the 8-word single tie type automatic winding tie machine WPM-URT-81M
    Technical parameters:
    Applicable wire diameter ≤10mm
    Cutting length 1-5m
    Cutting line length accuracy: ±2mm/m
    Winding the appearance of the 8-figure single cable tie
    The spacing of winding is 80-200mm
    Binding diameter ≤40mm
    The retention length of the head is less than or equal to 130mm
    Tail length ≤200mm
    Production efficiency: ≤1300/H (1-5m)
    Applicable binding tape: Coated iron core ≤ 7.5kg/roll
    Applicable air pressure: 0.5-0.6mpa
    Power supply: NATIONAL standard 220V/50Hz
    Machine power: 3.5KW/H
    Machine size: about 1200L*1500W*1600Hmm
    Machine weight: about 300KG

    Main components:
    Cylinder: Yadeke cylinder and solenoid valve,
    Motor: Winding servo motor 1500W Turbot
    Motor: line translation servo motor 750W Turbot
    Motor: Feeding belt 57 closed-loop motor lightning race
    Motor: Twisted tie belt 57 stepper motor thunder race
    Motor: storage tape motor 6W fixed speed
    Take line translation: double slider
    Linear module: closed-loop + linear guide
    PLC: vigor
    Screen: dimension control 7 inches
    Power supply: clear weft
    Frame: iron frame, blue and white, painted
    Wire grab/twisting claw/lower claw Material: stainless steel
    Lack of material alarm 1: a large volume of incoming material is exhausted, three-color lamp buzzes
    Lack of material alarm 2: ribbon exhausted, three-color lamp buzzes
    Drive system: high-reliability servo system, a control system for high speed stable industrial controller and system software, Chinese and English bilingual version.

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