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  • Epoxy resin dispenser machine two-component adhesive coating mixing dispensing ab glue filling machine

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  • epoxy resin dispenser machine two-component adhesive coating mixing dispensing 10: 1/ab glue filling machine, Two-component Adhesive Dispenser, Ab Glue Dispenser, Ab Glue Filling Machine


    Control System:

    Automatic glue filling system

    Mixing ratio:


    Glue flow:


    Glue :

    Epoxy resin / polyurethane / silicone

    Matching accuracy:


    Measurement accuracy:


    Dispensing accuracy:


    Display method:

    touch screen

    Operation method:

    Dynamic glue out / static glue out

    Dispensing method:

    Bucket A / B automatically stirs separately

    Glue bucket heating:

    A barrel / B barrel are heated separately

    Glue bucket vacuum:

    Reserved vacuum interface

    Vacuum pump:

    None (can be added)

    Alarm method:

    Sound and light reminder of lack of material in glue bucket

    Measurement method:

    Stepper motor + gear pump / screw pump (optional)

      Feeding method:

    Double metering pump

    Plastic bucket capacity:

    A barrel 20L, B barrel 20L (optional)

    Cleaning function:


    Cleaning the solvent tank:

    2L (optional)

    Operating Voltage:


    Working air source:


      Machine power:


    Dispensing method:

    Switchable timing / quantitative

     Anti-curing function:

    Time can be set freely



    The function of the AB glue filling machine is mainly to mix the AB two groups of glue in accordance with the set ratio and the amount of glue, and automatically mix evenly after the good proportion, and evenly pour into each product in the environment where the vacuum is pre-extracted to achieve A glue-free bubble-filling operation is generally aimed at products with higher requirements.

    1. Feature Description:

    1)According to the required ratio-precise mixing

    The two-component AB glue is precisely mixed in proportion. The ratio of glue needs to be mixed immediately to save glue waste.

    2) Continuous feeding-AB glue is supplied independently

    3) To achieve continuous automatic glue supply, equipped with two 50L stainless steel storage barrels, scheduled metering pumps, AB glue storage, and storage independently, A barrel mixing, and other functions.

    4) Precise automatic quantitative glue filling, humanized operation interface, can set the number of glue filling, glue filling amount, glue filling time, etc The operation is simple and convenient.

    5) Automatic glue filling-precise positioning

    The automatic glue filling system is loaded on the three-axis platform to realize automatic glue filling, saving manpower operation and higher glue filling efficiency.

    2.  Applicable glue:

    1)  The viscosity of the glue is within 50000cps.

    2)  Epoxy resin, polyurethane, electronic silicone, electronic potting glue, liquid silicone and other two-component glue.

    3)  The size of the filled particles is greater than 200 microns, and the proportion is less than 50% of the total amount of glue.

    4)  Adjustable range of mixing ratio 1: 1, 1: 2, 1: 3, 1: 4, 1: 5, 1:10.

    3.  Supply capacity:


    1)  Measurement and matching accuracy: ± 1%.

    2)  Accuracy of glue output: ± 2%.

    3)  Dispensing speed: minimum 1 gram per second, maximum 10 gram per second (the amount of glue can be changed according to the viscosity of the glue).

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