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  • Automatic Fixed-Length Features Coiling & Binding Machine WPM-212FL

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  • Automatic Fixed-length features Coiling & Binding machine WPM-212FL

    It has arbitrary fixed-length and automatic stop function of the counting length full.

      Equipment specifications and requirements
      The machine is equipped with four motors (Motor and twisting wire motor for stepping motor), Adopt PLC program control for feeding cable tie, automatic cutting, and twist cable tie together. Winding motor for stepping motor by pedals control Can be an arbitrary set number of turns and winding speed is adjustable. winding and tie speed: 0.75second/time
      The machine applicable range:
      Small  machine: Available bind wire Diameter: 8MM-30MM
             Available bind wire Length: 80mm—140mm
      Large machine: Available bind wire Diameter: 18MM-45MM
      Available bind wire Length: 120MM-190MM
      Coiling plate parameters: (“8”shape spacing: 50mm—200mm) ("o" shape inner diameter: 50mm-200mm)
      The coiling plate can be increased, But need customize, maximum diameter for 300mm, But the motor also needs to increase
      Technical requirements
      1. Input Voltage: AC220V 50HZ/60HZ
      3.Bundle wire speed:0.75 Sec/Time,66-75Time/Minute
      4. Winding Speed:1-8 Coil/Sec, Can be adjusted
      5. Twist coil: 1—5 coils, it can adjust
      6.Capacity:1200/hour (Binding and twist wire bundle)
      Using environment
      1. Ambient humidity≤85%RH
      3. Bundle wire axle bracket high:200MM
      4.Net weight:60KG


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