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  • Cable Coiling Machine WPM-2009L

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  • Cable Coiling Machine WPM-2009L
    1.Automatic simple winding machine is suitable for winding electric wire and cable, Hose pipe etc.
    2.By stepping on the foot pedal, automatic winding wire; Once reaching the preset number, it immediately stopped.
    3.The machine has features are reasonable design, simple operation, stable production, and substantial price.
    4.Reduce labor costs the output is three to four times than that of the traditional manual production. It greatly reduces the production cost, actually is the best choice for the power cord plug production enterprise.
    Voltage: AC220V/50HZ or AC110V/60HZ
    Winding length range:adjusted
    Winding numbers:presenting
    Winding speed:adjusted

     Winding rod spacing 50-300mm 
    (Can customize)

    Bundle length
     Bundle diameter

    Feeding speed of Automatic Wire Feeding Machine  can be adjusted, can be fast or slow,

    1.Controlling by the step motor, feeding speed can be adjusted according to the different demands.
    2.Special designed for the fully automatic terminal crimping machine , wire cutting and stripping machine.
    3.Sensors fixed for sorts of functions such as tension test, feeding speed,with-without wire as well as wire connector
    4.Suitable for all sizes of wires , loaded by the axials.

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    8 Shape Wire Winding and Tying Machine
    auto binding & winding machine,video hdmi cable & wire binding machine ,cable winding and binding machine

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