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  • Phone Cable Wire Injection Molding Machine JY-200ST

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  • Phone Cable Wire Injection Moulding Machine, Cable Wire Making Machine, Mobile Phone Cable Weir Injection Machine
    Model Unit  JY-200ST
    Screw Barrel Diameter mm 26 28
    Injection Pressure kg/cm2 1019 896
    Max. Shot Weight gram 58 67
    Max. Shot Weight cm3/sec 67 76.7
    Screw Barrel Route mm 105
    Screw Barrel Rotary Speed rpm 0-200
    Nozzle Contact Force tons 4.45
    Nozzle Retraction Nozzle mm 130
    Number of Temperature Control pcs 2
    Clamping Force tons 25
    Platen Size mm 480*310
    Distance Between Tie Bere mm 310*170
    Min. Mold Height mm 100/60
    Opening Stroke mm 180
    Max. Opening Mold Distance mm 280/80
    Ejector Force tons 1.3
    Ejector Stroke mm 35
    Max. Hydraulic Pressure kg/cm2 140
    Pump Output L/min 29.5
    Oil Reservoir Capacity Liter 100
    Cooling Water Consumption L/hr 400-600
    Pump Motor Power kW/hp  3.75HP
    Barrel Heating Power kW 1.8
    Total Power kW 5.5
    Machine Weight tons 0.68
    Machine Dimension(LxWxH) meter 1.4*0.90*2.37
    Shipping Weight tons 0.88
    Shipping Measurements(LxWxH) meter 1.49*1.08*2.25
    Product Drawing

    ​Product Features

    1)Straight screw ejected assembly.
    2)Two(three)-phase temperature, ejected speed, backing pressure, and screw speed is suitable for various plastic to be confectioned.
    3)Low-die fixed-top active mode makes inserted objects excellent positioned features and the machine has left out the attachment for finished goods.
    4)Low-pressure closed die assembly can protect the safety of the die.
    5)Material tubes can be lifted. It is easy to clean the stub bar. It is easy to fix the die.
    6)Can be installed on a single mold or double shuttle table.


    phone cable wire injection moulding machine, cable wire making machine, mobile phone cable weir injection machine

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