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  • Double-Crimping Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine WPM-180

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  • WPM-180 Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine (Double-Crimping)

    ● Compact and high-speed full automatic terminal crimping machine. high productivity and reliability using a positioning unit by servo motor and double drive wire feed unit. the outstanding performance of the machine can be guaranteed by its;
    ● Modularized design, program logic control;
    ● Structured software design technology;
    ● Advanced data-exchange scheme pre-feeder not required. one can control Several sets of machines, greatly improving the efficiency of enterprises. one person can operate several devices at the same time, it can improve the enterprise benefit to a large extent.
    Technical parameters




    The wire may be cut off with the determined size, and it also may be peeled off and crimped from the single/both ends; the crimping position.


    Crimping at both ends of 3300/h
    Within 300mm long

    Suitable wire

    AWG1007#18#30(Considerable size)

    Cutting Length


    Cutting Accuracy

    0.2mm+(Set Length X0.002mm)

    Crimping capacity



    1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
    1. Air pressure drop 2. With or without the wire 3. With or without the terminal 4. The terminal is not crimped. 5. The wire is overloaded.

    control method

    PLC Control

    Compressed air



    AC220V 50/60Hz




    About 400kg

    Make the mold

    OTP OTP Straight Horizontal Mold

    Selected parts

    1. Reeler Device 2. Restore Device

    Note: Productivity varies with types and sizes of terminals, so some wires can t be processed without informing in advance. Please select original products to ensure
    the security of the machine.

    Automatic double heads terminal crimping machine (3 meters conveyor belt)

    Automatic Double Heads Thick Cable Wires Terminals Crimping Machine

    Double wires automatic tin terminal crimping machine

    Full Automatic double heads two ends Flag terminal crimping machine

    Full Automatic short wires double heads terminal crimping machine


    Fully automatic double wires parallel crimp terminal crimping machine video

    New automatic double-headed terminal crimping machine (32 # wire)

    Both two ends are Full Automatic terminal crimping machine

    Fully automatic two ends gold needle terminal crimping machine, with Brass Lug

    Fully automatic two ends middle stripping wire terminal crimping machine

    two heads 2 ends fully automatic wire stripping and terminal crimping machine

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