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Pneumatic Sheathed cable stripping machine WPM-660
Pneumatic Sheathed cable stripping machine WPM-660
  • Pneumatic Sheathed cable stripping machine WPM-660

  • Model No: WPM-660
  • WPM-660 Inner-outer pneumatic wire stripping machine, Inner and outer sheathed wire stripping machine, Sheathed wire stripping machine, and Pneumatic wire stripping machine are all machines used for removing insulation from wires.
    Stripping length:100mm
    Outer layer peeling length:8-100mm
    Inner layer peeling length:2-12mm
    Electrical connection:AC 220/110V/50/60HZ
    Air pressure:0.4-0.8mpa
    Machine dimenson:400*220*550mm
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Detailed description

Multicore Cable Stripping Machine, Outer Sheath and Inner Skin Stripping Machine, Multi-Core Cable Stripping Machine, Inner and Outer Sheathed Wire Stripping Machine, Sheathed Wire Stripping Machine, Pneumatic Wire Stripping Machine.
WPM-660  inner-outer pneumatic wire stripping machine
Model: WPM-660
Stripping  length:100mm 
Outer  layer   peeling  length:8-100mm 
Inner  layer  peeling  length:2-12mm 
Electrical  connection: AC  220/110V/50/60HZ             
Air  pressure:0.4-0.8mpa 
Machine  dimenson:400*220*550mm 
1. Bevel design, according to somatology.
2. Dual-driving cylinder, no spring breakage.
3. Self-feeding oil and supply. A timely oil supply to the cylinder can decrease the abrasion of the interior cylinder and lengthen life.
4. Special sliding holder, balance stroke, and high peeling precision. Electric control, easy operation.
5. Adjustable structure, and wire thickness.
6. Suitable for short cables with small diameters, such as AC/DC, power wire, computer cable, electronic cable, and multi-core cable.
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