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  • Vertical Cut Aluminum Foil Machine WPM-901

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  • Vertical Cut Aluminum Foil Machine WPM-901

    1, Vertical Cut Aluminum Foil Machine is the best choice for cutting HDMI cable aluminum foil.
    2, Traditional manual cutting of aluminum foil is harmful, slow, requires a ton of time to train workers, and is highly dependent on the caffeine workers’ ability.
    3, WPM-901 Vertical Cut Aluminum Foil Machine is easy to operate and efficient, max production can reach 215PCS/person/hour. No harm to the wires, safe and cost-effective.


    Type    WPM-901 vertical cut aluminum foil machine
    Stroke length    250MM
    250MM    AWG18-32
    Air pressure    0.5-0.8pa
    Voltage    220V/50Hz
    Output force    31-73kg
    Cylinder diWPM-enter    Φ40mm

    Weight     6kg


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