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    Wire Coiling Tying Row Position Machine Different Model

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  • Wire Coiling Tying Row Position Machine Different Model

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  • Wire Coiling tying row position machine different model​


    This machine increases the functions of counting meter, split and cutting
    on the basis of winding bundling machine.4 motors (winding motor and twisting
    motor are stepping motor) by PLC with touch-screen control meter length, wire
    sending length ,cut and twist automatically. Adjustable turns and winding
    speed. It applies to the AC power cord, DC power cord, USB cable, video
    cable, HDMI high-definition cable, Various types of transmission using
    encapsulated core twist tied into bundles, can also be used for other use
    encapsulated iron truss purposes, such as racks, sanitary hose, and other
    industries business

    Model  WPM-5-30 
    Available Bundling Length 75-140mm
    Bundling Wire Diameter 5-30mm
    Around Circle Diameter Customized
    Winding Distance Customized
    Winding Speed 1-10 rounds/s
    Cable Ties Iron core coating
    Weight 40kg
    Bundling Speed 0.6 times/s
    Voltage AC 220V 50Hz
    Power <200W
    Dimension 500*300*400 mm

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