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Induction pneumatic wire stripping machine WPM-2018
Induction pneumatic wire stripping machine WPM-2018
  • Induction pneumatic wire stripping machine WPM-2018

  • Model No: WPM-2018
  • Induction pneumatic wire stripping machine (WPM-2018) is a user-friendly device that can strip wires and cables with ease. It features a multi-core manual wire cable stripper, making it suitable for various applications.
    Power supply:220VWeight:2.4kg
    Power supply:220V
    Processing time: 0.3 s
    Air pressure:0.5Pa-0.8Pa
    Stripping length: max 18 mm
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Detailed description

The induction pneumatic wire stripping machine boasts high accuracy, efficiency, and a quick return on investment. Its compact design allows for multiple processing units to be integrated into a single workstation, making it the most efficient way to process harnesses and multi-core cables.
High precision, economical and user-friendly. It requires extremely low maintenance and is easy to operate without the need for blade changes.
Model: WPM-2018 
Outer dimensions: L265mm*W70mm*H135mm 
Power supply:220V 
Processing time:  0.3 s 
Air pressure:0.5Pa-0.8Pa 
Stripping length: max 18 mm 
Applicable wires: PVC and Teflon wire, PUR, glass wire,1015,1017, multicore sheath cable, double round core sheathing wire, rubber wire, etc.
Size:0.03–3.0 mm²(32–12 AWG)
Max wire diameter:3.2mm
Max stripping length: 20mm
The precision of the Diameter setting:0.01mm 
Stripping accuracy: Full strip:0.5mm, Part strip:2mm

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